Struggling to keep up?

I'm your product manager while you scale your startup.

You've launched your MVP and you're trying to scale your startup, but you just can't keep up with everything.

Requirements need to be written, competitors are releasing new features, your early users have feedback. You're trying to keep up. Let me help you iterate, refine, and execute your product's vision.

Hiring a strong product manager is essential as your startup scales, but you don't have time (or budget) to recruit a product manager right now.

"...customer needs will exceed the founder's vision, and the organization–not the founder–must have a mechanism in place to accommodate the expansion of customer needs."

About Chris

Hello! I'm Chris Redrich, a product manager from Irvine, CA. I help founders build their startups by carrying their product vision forward. I have been designing and building web-based products for over ten years. I have worked with early stage startups through to acquisition. I write about product management, entrepreneurship, and startups at

You can find me across the web @chrisredrich.

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What you get

Competitor Research

Receive a monthly competitor summary on your top 3 competitors. You'll know at all times what your competitors are up to.

Trusted Product Advisor

We'll meet monthly to check-in, set goals, and review your key product metrics.

Idea Validation

I'll help to validate your ideas by talking to your real (and target) customers to build the right features and products.

Actionable Product Strategy

Together we'll put together a product strategy and roadmap so that your investors, developers, and entire team know what's coming.


Storyboard rough product ideas for validation with your customers and prospects.

User Story Development

I'll break down our large product epics into actionable user stories for your development team complete with acceptance criteria.

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